2010 Favorites: Webcasts and iPhone Apps

Favorite webcasts of 2010:

Favorite iPhone Apps of 2010:

  • Angry Birds (I can only complete 1/3 of the game before wiping my phone and having to start all over.)
  • Dropbox
  • Google Voice (I can’t believe Apple finally allowed this. This is probably one of the best written iPhone apps of all time.)
  • Instagram (I keep trying to get friends to use this, but they don’t listen.)
  • Kindle
  • Wyse PocketCloud (#1 App!)
  • Zillow (Very interesting when you’re cruising through a neighborhood to see the prices of the houses.)

Chrome in incognito mode on Mac OS X

bash-3.2$ cd /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/
bash-3.2$ mv Google\ Chrome Google\ Chrome.real
bash-3.2$ echo '#!/bin/sh' > Google\ Chrome
bash-3.2$ echo 'exec "/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome.real" -incognito' >> Google\ Chrome
bash-3.2$ chmod 775 Google\ Chrome