2 Meter Repeater Offsets

Here’s my first nugget of information in my “Amateur Radio” category. More to come during the coming months/years!

The standard for 2 meter repeater offsets is .600Mhz. Usually it’s – (minus) for frequencies below 147.000Mhz and + (plus) for frequencies above 147.000Mhz. 147.000Mhz can be either + or – depending on the repeater.

PC Engines: $131 computer?

I’ve been exposed to the Soekris Engineering net5501 for a year now. I’ve been using them as network routers using pfSense. Now, I’m looking for similar, but cheaper hardware. I’m thinking PC Engines is where it’s at!


Their website has excellent documentation and support on everything. Great pictures, diagrams, schematics.

Check out this computer I put together. I didn’t have to have the VGA/audio, but that’s what makes it a usable computer. Without them, I’d save about $20 and still have an EXCELLENT router.

  • $111.00alix3d3 – ALIX.3D3 system board [ LX800 + 256 MB + 1 LAN + 2 miniPCI + USB + VGA + audio ]
  • $6.25box2c – Indoor enclosure for ALIX.3
  • $0.75brk3c3 – Bracket for alix3d3 [ USB + audio + VGA ]
  • $13.00cf2slc – CompactFlash card 2GB SLC
  • $131.00 – Total in USD

Shredding some data

A few months ago I saw a local company performing thorough physical destruction of thousands of hard drives. Here’s a pic!

Thorough physical destruction of the entire data storage medium is generally considered the most certain way to counter data remanence. However, the process is generally time-consuming and cumbersome. Physical destruction may require extremely thorough methods, as even a small media fragment may contain large amounts of data.

Physically breaking the media apart, by grinding, shredding, etc: