GRUB2 installs to USB device during installation

Every once in awhile I have a problem with Debian/Ubuntu installers running from USB thumb drives. What I think happens is the installer sees the USB drive first and the HDD second, so when it installs a bootloader, some information is written to the USB thumb drive that is needed to boot the computer. This is a problem because I don’t intend on leaving the USB thumb drive in the computer every time I need to boot it.

So my fix is quick and simple (and can be found all over the Internet). I only post it here so that I can easily find it in the future.

sudo grub-install /dev/sda # HDD device name
sudo update-grub

Good luck!

Dropbox on Debian 6 Squeeze

Here’s the process I used to install Dropbox on Debian 6 Squeeze. Leave a comment if I need to change anything.

  1. Go to the Dropbox download page for Linux:
  2. Choose and download “Compile from Source” to be able to manually build the installer (because Debian 6 Squeeze is not listed).
  3. Extract.
  4. Open Terminal. Change directory to the extracted folder.
  5. sudo apt-get install libnautilus-extension-dev libnotify-dev python-docutils
  6. ./configure
  7. make
  8. sudo make install
  9. Log out of your Gnome session.
  10. Log back in and run Applications/Internet/Dropbox
  11. Done! Good luck!