Kindle Fire HD

I want a Kindle Fire HD. I want  a Google Nexus 7. They’re both $199 – which will it be?

Cruising the news, I found this article and 3 useful nuggets.

  1. “The regular e-ink Kindles may be no technological feat, but they’re designed for a single task, and they’re good at it. A tablet should be more like a blank slate, able to handle any of the varying tasks that developers, the Web, and media can throw at it. But Amazon continues to get in the way of Android with its own fork of the OS — an even bigger crime than before, since the custom modifications are all to Ice Cream Sandwich, which will delay, perhaps substantially, the adoption of the newer Jelly Bean on the platform.”
  2. “…some operations were even slower to respond than before. It’s not uncommon for the device to take a full second, or two, or three to act on a button tap when doing something like opening a new application or tab. Silly though that first-world problem sounds, a full second feels like decades when you’re used to other iOS and Android devices reacting within a beat of your instruction.”
  3. “We’d go so far as to say that if you’re not getting a Kindle Fire HD specifically to interact with Amazon’s purchasable content, you might be a little annoyed at the way it behaves.”