Dewitt Fire Lookout

A retired fire lookout (observation) tower in Dewitt, Virginia. Coordinates: 37.042014, -77.639823 View Map The history of fire lookout towers predates the United States Forest Service (which was founded in 1905). Many townships, private lumber companies, and State Foresty organizations operated fire lookout towers on their own accord. In 1933, during the Great Depression, President […]

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Cherry Hill Tower

This is an AT&T microwave radio relay tower located in Dewitt, Virginia. It connected Richmond to Rocky Mount and was named the “Dewitt” tower. The next tower north of Dewitt was in Matoaca, VA and the next tower south of Dewitt was in Margaretsville, NC. Coordinates: 36-56-39.9N 077-37-12.7W FCC ASR Registration Number: 1024227 Height: 344 […]

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