New tools

My Brushy Mountain Bee Farm order arrived today.

  • 8-Frame Unassembled Pine Hive Body + nails
  • 10” Hive Tool – The perfect all around beekeeping tool.
  • Pry and Grip Tool
  • The Beetle Blaster beetle trap x6
  • Assembled 9-1/8 Black Superframe x3

Mixer, Amp, Speakers

I foresee these items in an online shopping cart in my future…

High Performance 150-Watt Miniature Studio Monitor Speaker – Pair
$82 Amazon

Behringer Xenyx 802
Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with Xenyx Mic Preamps and British EQs
$49.99 Amazon

Pyle Home PCA2
80-Watt Stereo Mini Power Amplifier
$38.03 Amazon

Testing soil pH and fertility

Before putting money into lawn fertilizer, I had to check the pH and fertility of the soil.

I bought this tester and several disposable testers. I did multiple tests on one part of the lawn to benchmark the tester. Once I knew it was testing right, I checked different parts of the lawn.

The pH throughout the yard is fine, but I need to improve fertility. I’ll probably buy a balanced fertilizer and some weed killer.