100 minutes, Unlimited text, Unlimited Data = $30 with T-Mobile

I wish I could keep under 100 minutes…

You can switch over to the $30 plan you’re mentioning even if already have a plan with T-Mobile, and keep your number. Here is what I did (originally I had a $60/mo prepaid plan):

1) Buy a T-Mobile SIM (or “activation kit”) online for $1

2) When the SIM arrives, go online to t-mobile.com and activate it with the $30 100min/unlim/5GB prepaid plan. You’ll get a new T-Mobile number.

3) Call T-Mo customer service and ask them to transfer the phone number you have with your $60/mo plan to your $30/mo plan (you’ll need to give them both numbers and possibly SIM #s). Also ask them to cancel your $60 plan once the transfer is complete.

4) Wait a little… usually no more than 24 hrs, typically it takes much less. You should get a text notification on your $30/mo SIM/phone that your new service is activated, mentioning your old number.

5) You’re done! Enjoy your $30/mo savings 🙂

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/10dy9u/ im_in_london_for_work_and_paying_24_for_300/c6cuvd6

Comes down to making money

“Right now, Google will never admit to this reality. To be honest, I’m not sure most people on the Android team even realize this reality. But at the end of the day, this comes down to making money. Microsoft is currently making more money off of Android than Google is. iOS is providing more mobile revenue when it comes to Google searches. The model is already broken and it runs the risk of cracking wide open unless there’s a product that can keep it together.”


Android usage share 9/4/2012

Android usage share of the different versions as of September 4, 2012. Most Android devices to date still run the older OS version 2.3.x Gingerbread that was released on December 6, 2010.

Just interesting to me.

Version Release date API level Distribution (September 4, 2012)
4.1.x Jelly Bean July 9, 2012 16 1.2%
4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich October 19, 2011 14-15 20.9%
3.x.x Honeycomb February 22, 2011 11-13 2.1%
2.3.x Gingerbread December 6, 2010 9-10 57.5%
2.2 Froyo May 20, 2010 8 14%
2.0, 2.1 Eclair October 26, 2009 7 3.7%
1.6 Donut September 15, 2009 4 0.4%
1.5 Cupcake April 30, 2009 3 0.2%


From http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html:

Cle Elum Tower

This is an AT&T microwave radio relay tower located in Cle Elum, Washington. A friend and I hiked up this mountain in late 2010.

Coordinates: 47-7-57.05N 120-53-7.34W
FCC ASR Registration Number: 1281229
Height: 67 feet above ground
Total Height: 3937 feet above sea level
Owner: American Towers, Inc.

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