New Year’s resolutions 2012

Here’s my short list of New Year’s resolutions for 2012. I will come back to this post and strike through what I’ve completed, as I complete it.

I will also bump this post in December 2012 before making another Post in January 2013.

Updated 1/1/2013.

  • Read THESE books. DONE!
  • Eat at every restaurant in Richmond’s Fan district (neighborhoods include Oregon Hill, VCU, Broad Street Corridor, SOFA (Southern Fan), and Carver), or at least every restaurant on this list: REMOVED
  • Enable full-disk encryption on every laptop, desktop and server I own. For the Windows boxes, I will be replacing Bitlocker for Truecrypt. For the Linux boxes, I will continue to use dm-crypt/LUKS/cryptsetup. DONE!
  • Buy an ugly Christmas sweater before the holidays.
  • Import all of my photos (thousands) into Picasa and tag them for faster searching. Having them in folders is no longer working for the number of photos I have. DONE!