Icom IC-735

I bought an Icom IC-735 HF transceiver at Frostfest today. $200. Everything works.

It transmits on amateur 10 meter through 160 meter bands. It receives 0.1 MHz through 30 MHz.

IC735-1 IC735-2

I’ve hacked together a power cable for it. It won’t be transmitting for awhile (I need proper antennas and power supply), so what you’re about to see won’t be a problem.

IC735-3 IC735-4

New Year’s resolutions 2013

Here’s my short list of New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I will come back to this post and strike through what I’ve completed, as I complete it.

I will also bump this post in December 2013 before making another Post in January 2014.

  • Read 30 books.
  • Buy a diesel compact pickup truck.
  • Bamboo Eradication 2013. (Here was Bamboo Eradication 2012.)
  • New hobby? High-altitude balloons.
  • New hobby? Quadrotor helicopters.
  • Put a new roof on the garden shed.
  • Have tool shed removed.
  • Inventory all of my computers for a new website page. (Similar to Automobiles and Radios.)
  • Buy an ugly Christmas sweater before the holidays.
  • more? I’ll update this if any come to mind.