Signal – iPhone app

Link: Signal – iPhone app

Signal is a utility created by iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing that displays information about the cell tower your iPhone is connected to as well as neighboring cells. It detects and maps the location of all nearby cell towers so that the user can easily get a good idea of their cellular coverage or where to go to get the best cellphone reception. Combined with the free iPhone carrier unlock that planetbeing has helped create, a user can swap SIMs and determine which carrier is best for him or her based on cellular coverage. In addition the map, other useful technical data is displayed including RSCP (signal strength) in dBm and Ec/N0 (signal quality) to all neighbors, the PSC of the cells, as well as the frequency each cell is broadcasting in.

Signal is exclusively available from the Cydia Store on jailbroken iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Quote

Knowing the interest in every new Apple iPhone, and knowing that there are millions of people eligible for this admittedly very attractive upgrade, how could this be? How could AT&T not expect this kind of massive load on their servers? Perhaps they used the same prediction software they use to plan their cellular network.

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It was an accident!

I dropped my iPhone 3G on my way into Subway for lunch today. I have a witness. It was a complete accident.

In other news, they start selling the new iPhone 4 tonight at midnight.

New kicks

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 (by Asics) running shoes are the first I’ve ever purchased from Zappos. They’re a retro running shoe from 1981 and I think they look pretty sweet… can’t wait for them to come in the mail!

Some jeans and shorts caught my eye, so I’ll probably be back for those later this month.