Just bought another 2TB of…

Wade Murray @wademurray – 2010-05-01T21:22:48+00:00

Just bought another 2TB of HDDs – Newegg.com had these 1TB Samsung hard drives as their “Shell Shocker” daily… http://tumblr.com/xoc9btxoy

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Changing Servers

I’ve outgrown my webserver! I’ve been using an OpenVZ virtual private server through Network Redux out in Portland, Oregon. A friend recommended CoreNetworks.net located in East Lansing, Michigan. CoreNetworks.net has a dedicated server package that is quite affordable with many upgrades to what I currently have. Check out the comparison.

Network Redux VPS:

Debian 5.0
OpenVZ Hypervisor
10GB Hard Drive
500 GB Transfer

CoreNetworks.net dedicated server:

Ubuntu Server 9.10
Intel 2.66GHz Processor
2048MB RAM
80GB Hard Drive
1,000 GB Transfer

Also, I’m going to have 3 public IP addresses to distribute among a few virtual machines that I’ll run. Maybe I’ll start using the server for something more than just web services.