Lawn Report, March 2017

I’m going to start making random comments and updates about my lawn in monthly Lawn Reports. #lawnnerd

All of my over-seeding in the Fall has paid off! Maybe one application of Milorganite has been made since the seeding…


The average height is probably 14 or 15 inches, but since it all leans over, it does not look that tall.

I’m dreading the first mow.


Testing soil pH and fertility

Before putting money into lawn fertilizer, I had to check the pH and fertility of the soil.

I bought this tester and several disposable testers. I did multiple tests on one part of the lawn to benchmark the tester. Once I knew it was testing right, I checked different parts of the lawn.

The pH throughout the yard is fine, but I need to improve fertility. I’ll probably buy a balanced fertilizer and some weed killer.