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2012 WAP Install

My 2012 wireless access point installation. Used the existing doorbell wiring to pull CAT5e to the switch in the basement. Doorbell works and everything looks tidy.

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Heavy Duty Bulb and Bedding Plant Auger

I inherited this¬†Heavy Duty Bulb and Bedding Plant Auger with the house. I’ve been using it for years to mix concrete, but I’ve finally been able to use it as intended. Tulips.

Bulb auger in use

Amateur Radio Home Improvement

Pulleys for G5RV antenna

I bought two of these pulleys for my G5RV antenna. Nylon cord comes from the antenna’s insulators and is tied to a brick on each side. This allows the antenna to move with the wind or a tree limb.

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Electric Earwig

A few weeks ago our downstairs heat pump failed. Cause? An earwig fell (or crawled?) into the space between the contacts on the 24 volt relay that send 240 volts AC to the heat pump. When it was zapped, it became stuck to the relay contact until cleaned.

Earwig on 24v relay

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Cherry trees

The Weeping Cherry Tree on March 31, 2013:

Weeping Cherry Tree Weeping Cherry Tree

The Yoshino Cherry on April 16, 2013:

Cherry Tree Cherry Tree

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A few pics I took while clearing the bamboo from my back yard a month ago…