Mercury Street Update HD 1080p by Marcus Omar Squires

Exciting news from Willcox Street in Petersburg, Virginia! The transformation of an abandoned home on this street has been captured in a new video. The abandoned home, once neglected and in disrepair, is now being revitalized and stabalized thanks to the efforts being made. Soon the house will be a bit brighter! Check out the video to see the positive change taking place in this neighborhood! #WillcoxStreetRenaissance #Revitalization #AbandonedPetersburg #PetersburgVA #VirginiaUSA #Virginia

New Mercury Street 2023 trees finally cut! HD 1080p by Marcus Omar Squires

Bringing new life to an abandoned home on Mercury Street in Petersburg, VA! Watch as we navigate the challenges of restoring this piece of history, this project was held up for sometime due to issues which were worked out with the neighbor, giving me the ability to remove the trees growing into the foundation. Now I will be able to apply for an additional permit for an in kind restoration of the historic structure. #PetersburgVA #AbandonedPetersburg #virginiausa #Virginia

An Update On My Abandoned House On Willcox Street by Marcus Omar Squires

Work continues on my abandoned home on Willcox Street here in Petersburg, Virginia a city with over 2,900 blighted and vacant structures, according to the 2020 United States Census. The permits for the new electrical panel have been put in so hopefully this home built in 1888 will be electrified again soon! Each week a bit more is finished so please join me as a bit more is done. Thanks so much for watching and stars are appreciated –
#PetersburgVA #AbandonedPetersburg #VirginiaUSA