Cherry Hill Tower

This is an AT&T microwave radio relay tower located in Dewitt, Virginia. It connected Richmond to Rocky Mount and was named the “Dewitt” tower. The next tower north of Dewitt was in Matoaca, VA and the next tower south of Dewitt was in Margaretsville, NC.

Coordinates: 36-56-39.9N 077-37-12.7W
FCC ASR Registration Number: 1024227
Height: 344 feet above ground
Owner: American Towers, Inc.

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RF&P 2379

Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac car down in Wilmington, NC.

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First post from iPhone

…trying out the WordPress iPhone app.

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Back to WordPress

After being with Tumblr for 4 months, I’m back to WordPress.

3.0 is pretty awesome!

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Changing Servers

I’ve outgrown my webserver! I’ve been using an OpenVZ virtual private server through Network Redux out in Portland, Oregon. A friend recommended located in East Lansing, Michigan. has a dedicated server package that is quite affordable with many upgrades to what I currently have. Check out the comparison.

Network Redux VPS:

Debian 5.0
OpenVZ Hypervisor
10GB Hard Drive
500 GB Transfer dedicated server:

Ubuntu Server 9.10
Intel 2.66GHz Processor
2048MB RAM
80GB Hard Drive
1,000 GB Transfer

Also, I’m going to have 3 public IP addresses to distribute among a few virtual machines that I’ll run. Maybe I’ll start using the server for something more than just web services.

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I’ve moved!

I’ve moved my site to tumblr. WordPress did well, but tumblr is just too easy.

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