How To Restore Built In Gutters ( On Mercury Street) by Marcus Omar Squires

I bought this abandoned home circa 1888 on Mercury Street for only $5,000 in Petersburg, Virginia at a tax sale and I have been getting to work restoring this structure here in Petersburg, Virginia a city with over 2,900 blighted and vacant structures, according to the 2020 United States Census. This week I am restoring the gutters and the chimney stack. I would also like to thank Meta for Creators for sponsoring me throughout this endeavor.
#PetersburgVA #AbandonedPetersburg

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Hi. I’m Wade Murray, and like everyone with a personal website, mine is horribly, terribly out of date. On the Internet my handle is normally wademurray, but you can still find blime in some of the older dustier places.
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