New tools

My Brushy Mountain Bee Farm order arrived today.

  • 8-Frame Unassembled Pine Hive Body + nails
  • 10” Hive Tool – The perfect all around beekeeping tool.
  • Pry and Grip Tool
  • The Beetle Blaster beetle trap x6
  • Assembled 9-1/8 Black Superframe x3

Getting the bees

For my birthday I was given an 8-frame bee hive. The hive came with two medium hives, 16 medium frames, a top cover, a roof, and a bottom. No bees.

After a several months, I reached out to the East Richmond Beekeepers Association ( and got in touch with Jones Tyler. Jones explained that he had never sold bees for a profit before, but he may be able to help me out this summer. He recommend I buy a 10-frame bee hive as soon as I could, so I did.

Weeks later, I had a 10-frame bee hive. This hive came with two deep hives, 20 deep frames, a top cover, a roof, and a bottom. No bees.

Jones was able to sell me his first official nuc (see Wikipedia) and I got them to their new home, safe and sound . These two videos are from my visit to pick up the bees. I’ll be posting more about these bees in the coming weeks – expect many pictures/videos!

Working with Jones was great. I left feeling really informed about his product and I’m sure I’ll be doing business with him again. I’m even thinking about joining the East Richmond Beekeepers Association and/or the primary Richmond Beekeepers Association.