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  • Indiana Bell Building Move, 1930

    Indiana Bell Building Move, 1930 — Read on www.paul-f.com/ibmove.html

  • Harrison, Arkansas gets cutting edge phone service

    “According to the story in the Daily Times, a helium-filled balloon was being used to map the route. The balloon was sent up 50 to 100 feet and held in place with a rope, while surveyors 15 miles away spotted it with high-powered binoculars.” http://harrisondaily.com/news/museum-musings-can-you-hear-me-now-harrison-gets-cutting/article_0a3d1952-562f-11e9-8975-9f14a9d77213.html

  • In 1959, AT&T Discovered There Was a Market for a Lady’s Phone

    The Princess phone was pitched as the perfect extension for the bedroom — Read on spectrum.ieee.org/tech-history/space-age/in-1959-att-discovered-there-was-a-market-for-a-ladys-phone

  • Lucent technologies – Bell Labs Innovations

    Lucent technologies – Bell Labs Innovations Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Watson Teddy Vail George Campbell’s wave filter Calling ship to shore Frank Jewitt Harold Black Negative feedback Television Fax machines More, more, more Hi Fi, talkies Movies, sound Laying copper by the pound Systems engineering Quality control Karl Demke Herbert Ives Davisson wins Nobel Prize […]