Harrison, Arkansas gets cutting edge phone service

According to the story in the Daily Times, a helium-filled balloon was being used to map the route. The balloon was sent up 50 to 100 feet and held in place with a rope, while surveyors 15 miles away spotted it with high-powered binoculars.


Tower in Corbin, Virginia

This is an AT&T microwave radio relay tower located in Corbin, Virginia. It connected Faulkner to the Carolinas (by way of Boydton) and was named the “Corbin” tower. The next tower north of Corbin was in Faulkner and the next tower south of Corbin was in Coatsville.

Coordinates: 38-12-43.7 N 077-21-24.8 W
FCC ASR Registration Number: 1023977
Height: 101.5 feet above ground
Owner: American Towers, Inc.