Lawn Report, March 2017

I’m going to start making random comments and updates about my lawn in monthly Lawn Reports. #lawnnerd

All of my over-seeding in the Fall has paid off! Maybe one application of Milorganite has been made since the seeding…


The average height is probably 14 or 15 inches, but since it all leans over, it does not look that tall.

I’m dreading the first mow.


Wood shed removal

We bought our house with a garage and two sheds on the property. One shed was constructed using bricks and concrete and was perfectly situated in the corner of the lot. The other shed was constructed using wood and was beginning to rot with paint chipping off two sides. The wood shed was awkwardly placed between the brick shed and the garage. I decided to remove the wood shed after renovating the brick shed to improve the “flow” of the yard and landscaping.

Here’s a picture taken during the shed’s final hours. So long shed!

Wood shed removal