Small cell facility in Walnut Hill

“Small cell facility” means a wireless facility that meets both of the following qualifications: (i) each antenna is located inside an enclosure of no more than six cubic feet in volume, or in the case of an antenna that has exposed elements, the antenna and all of its exposed elements could fit within an imaginary enclosure of no more than six cubic feet and (ii) all other wireless equipment associated with the facility is cumulatively no more than 28 cubic feet in volume, or facilities comprised of such higher limits as established by the Federal Communications Commission. The following types of associated equipment are not included in the calculation of equipment volume: electric meter, concealment, telecommunications demarcation boxes, back-up power systems, grounding equipment, power transfer switches, cut-off switches, and vertical cable runs for the connection of power and other services.

There is now a small cell facility in Walnut Hill (Petersburg, Virginia) on a utility pole alongside West Tuckahoe Street.

Lawn Report, March 2017

I’m going to start making random comments and updates about my lawn in monthly Lawn Reports. #lawnnerd

All of my over-seeding in the Fall has paid off! Maybe one application of Milorganite has been made since the seeding…


The average height is probably 14 or 15 inches, but since it all leans over, it does not look that tall.

I’m dreading the first mow.