Petersburg-Richmond AAR Channels

CSX Richmond Terminal, North End, Bellwood, and Hopewell Subdivisions (FB Desk):

AAR Channel 32: 160.590 – ACCA Yardmaster, road and dispatcher

AAR Channel 45: 160.785 – MOW

AAR Channel 94: 161.520 – dispatcher

CSX North End and Portsmouth Subdivisions (FB Desk):

AAR Channel 32: 160.590 – road and dispatcher

AAR Channel 94: 161.520 – FB dispatcher

CSX Rivanna and Peninsula Subdivisions (HG Desk):

AAR Channel 8: 160.230 – Fulton Yardmaster and road

AAR Channel 14: 160.320 – dispatcher

Norfolk Southern Norfolk and Franklin Districts (Crewe DS):

AAR Channel 72: 161.190 – road and dispatcher

AAR Channel 76: 161.250 – yard

Norfolk Southern Richmond District (Crewe DS):

AAR Channel 72: 161.190 – road and dispatcher

Defect Detectors:

CSX (North End Sub – “A Line”): A3.0 (Broad Rock Road), A17.5 (Petersburg)

CSX (Bellwood Sub – “S Line”): S0.39 Hi_Wide DD (Brown Street), S4.0 (Marlboro)

CSX (Peninsula Sub) – CA79.8 (Miller Road)

Defect Detectors/Track Side Analyzers:

CSX (North End Sub – “A Line”): A33.7 (Carson), A58.2 (Fox)

NS (Norfolk District): N61.4 (Waverly), N75.0 (New Bohemia), N89.0 (Jack), and N104.4 (Ford)

Petersburg Collier Connection project site

The Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) is working with Norfolk Southern, CSX and Amtrak to extend Richmond’s Amtrak Virginia regional service, which began in July 2010, to Norfolk. When complete, residents in and around Norfolk will have a one-seat ride from Norfolk as far north as Boston. The estimated start date for this new service is 2013.

More details:

  • DRPT, Norfolk Southern and CSX are working together to coordinate work at the Petersburg Collier Connection project site.
  • CSX has submitted design plans of the Petersburg Collier Connection to DRPT for review and comment for the Norfolk Southern connector track. The internal DRPT review is complete and the Agency is ready to issue a Notice To Proceed for construction.
  • All grading work on the Norfolk Southern segment of the Collier Connection is complete. Subbalast and ballast has been placed, and Norfolk Southern track work is close to completion. Final track elevation adjustments will be made upon completion of the CSX connection work.